Maison Lumière

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A corner of paradise located in the surrounding nature,! Very looked after both inside and outside, every detail is designed to give guests a more enjoyable visit ...If you need to get away from the frenetic pace of the city come into the tranquility of the structure 'Villa Laura', located in Giovi Montena (Salerno), entirely built by the owner with love, and cared for in the smallest details, is arranged on several floors with several rooms. There are rooms for overnight stays, and an immense garden where you can also eat outdoors. Next to the garden there is the large pool with solarium and relaxation area, an enviable structure indeed. The Di Marco family has decided to share this property with those who will have the pleasure, always reserving the freedom to choose who to welcome in their own home, moments of conviviality, or simply spend a day at the pool sipping and teasing ...The idea is part of that new trend called 'social eating' that leads to the creation of small culinary finds in their homes, as long as they converse and so much. Booking days before, you can spend pleasant hours with friends tasting a fixed menu or, if there are special requests you can agree on what to eat, times and availability permitting. The bill? It does not exist! What we request is only a simple reimbursement of expenses from old and new friends to repay the ingredients and the healthy deal of love and conviviality offered.